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JAOO Day 1

jaoo_logo.jpgYesterday was Day one of the conference and was really interesting. Everything started as last year we got a nice little bag with all the stuff you need at an conference. Just one thing was much better this year, I had no problems getting my batch.
The morning keynote was held by Robert C. Martin and he is a really good speaker. At the beginning he was rising the question if software engineering is already a profession and appealed to every developer to write better and cleaner code. He is wearing a green band on his left arm for about 3 years now because it reminds him to do so.
The second talk we where attending was by Charles Simonyi about “Democratizing Software Creation” which was really fascinating. His company is developing an language to describe other languages which you can imagine is not that easy. The talk was given in combination with one person form Capgemini who showed an demonstration of an DSL generated within their language. I am still a little bit sceptical if this is really working the way they showed it and wanted us to believe it does.
Organically Agile was the Talk by Klaus Marquardt who is working for Dräger Medical. The purpose of his talk was that even life critical systems can be developed within agile methods.
Lex Spoon did an talk on Scala an language that is very interesting. The language combines Functional and Object oriented concepts and I would like to take a closer look on it in the near future.
Gilad Bracha is working on a language called Strongtalk which is used to build an Executable grammar. The exciting part here is that Lexer and Parser can be easily extended because of flexible concepts like mixins that Smaltak provieds.
The last talk before the Party Keynote was by Andreas Zeller and titled Beautiful Debugging. He presented his Ideas written in the Book Beautiful Code. The book as the talk I can only recommend you.

Party Keynote was given by Robert C. Martin again . He was speaking about the Space flight he did this year. The Pictures he showed where just amazing special the ones taken at the ISS. Take a look at to get some of the expressions we where able to see.
After the Keynote there was the Conference Party as last year. We met some people there e.g Joe Hummel, Wayne Fenton and Roy Osherove, all three are speakers at the Jaoo. We had some nice conversation special Wayne Fenton spoke a little bit about who Ebay does roll-out. I will make an other posting about that later.

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